How will I benefit from RPO?

Traditional Hiring Models
  • In-House In-house recruiting or HR departments usually require large budgets for personnel as well as infrastructure such as job boards, ATS’s, passive technologies, etc. In-house recruiters lack motivation to hire, are usually under-trained, distracted, and seldom up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

  • Contingency Recruiting Contingency recruiters are highly motivated to hire; for you and for your competitors. They service numbers of companies, and spread themselves thin, not allowing time to fully learn each organization’s specific needs. Costs are very high with this model as there is a large fee incurred with each hire.

ROI Benefits of RPO
  • Cost To Hire

    RPO normally offers about a 40% savings over traditional recruiting methods. Fees are much lower than contingency recruiting, and economy of scale allows similar savings over in-house recruiting departments, by improving efficiency and eliminating costly job boards.

  • Time To Hire

    With a fully trained staff focused only on one client’s needs, each hour of each day is spent exclusively filling your openings without delays.

  • Scalability

    WorldRPO can handle large projects on short notice, and can easily scale up or down based on need. This flexibility is difficult to obtain with contingency recruiters and impossible in-house.

  • Quality

    RPO combines the client focus of in-house with the training, motivation, and technologies of contingency recruiting, thus improving deliverables quality over both models. Furthermore, the performance is tracked on a daily basis to ensure quality and productively among the team.

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