Other Assets

Resume Sourcer

WorldRPO provides a number of other assets, not directly relegated to recruiting, that can be important assets to building your business. As with our recruiters, these worldRPO employees are provided with all infrastructure, tools, training and supervision by worldRPO, but are directed by you, and generally are employed on a month-to-month basis.

Here are some of the areas where we can help:

Business Development

These marketing specialists will seek out new clients for your business, finding leads for you to close or continuing through the closing process if you wish.

SEO Specialist

Need serious search engine placement help? Hire a full or part-time specialist who will create and implement an integrated and comprehensive SEO plan.


Social media marketing is quick becoming the most important business development technique, but often companies don't have the time or personnel to take advantage of this free phenomenon. WorldRPO will provide full or part-time SMM specialists.

Database Scrubber

Do you have a large, out of date database that needs scrubbing?

Data Entry

The cost savings with worldRPO are obvious.


We have a lot of cost-saving resources available to us, so just ask!

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